The Noxzema Girl

Can you still buy noxzema? A few months ago we were invited to a surprise 70th birthday dinner for a friend. Her husband and their two daughters had arranged the celebration at a restaurant that is well known for good food. It was to be a complete surprise and it was. When the friend came through the door she was floored to see about 70 friends and family who had come to celebrate with her.

Opportunity was given, after the meal for, for anybody who wished to tell a story about their friendship with her. Her husband was the first and and he called her the noxzema girl. He spoke about their relationship, how they met and his love for her. Then he said, you may have noticed the beauty in her facial skin condition. You know the secret, she has been using noxzema all of her life and she is my noxzema girl.

I don’t know if the story is true, however; it did provide for a good laugh and she does have the fresh clean skin look that is advertised by noxzema. It’s strange how something sticks in your mind about people but I remember this story everytime I’m in their presence.

Yes, you can still buy the product. I wonder if it will work on old men??


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