The Lost Eye Glasses

Both my wife and I have prescription glasses. Our biggest problem is finding them. We also have a supply of reading glasses. This is the case of the lost eye glasses.

Our daughter and family dropped in for dinner and the following day she called because she couldn’t find her glasses. We checked, with no success, the normal places that  she might have laid them down. Over the next few days, we would check again and call her to see if she had found them. She was getting a little ruffled because she needed them and would have to get a new prescription. In the mean time she was making do with reading glasses.

As mentioned, we have a selection of reading glasses so we searched through those but again we couldn’t find them.

About a month went by and our daughter happened to be present when we were cleaning out some drawers in a storage cupboard. We had about six pairs of reading glasses on the table. “That’s my glasses,” she shouted. My wife and I looked at each other in stunned unbelief. We had seen those same glasses, many times before and thought they were reading glasses.

They didn’t look like they were prescription. To us they were a dollar store item. Well, we were shocked that it was the glasses that she had been  searching for, for over a month and they were $200.00 glasses.

I won’t tell you how the conversation ended other then to say that we were embarrassed by our lack of expertise in eye wear.


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