Seniors Driving Safely

Seniors Driving Safely

Today I was really impressed with driving habits of a lady who must have been in her eighties. On the other hand, I was flabbergasted by the way another lady. who would have been in her late sixties, was driving. For some reason I’m into the habit of looking for seniors driving safety habits.

First of all let me detail the driving of the lady who frustrated me. I think I knew her but I only saw her from behind. My wife and I were driving down a four lane highway and I wanted to make a left turn into a mini mall. There was a fair amount of traffic, however; there was a break in the two lanes of traffic coming towards us. This lady made her left turn and I followed as I could see that there was plenty of time and the parking area was clear of traffic. Well. blow my mind, she stopped with the tail of her car just off the highway and left me with no place to go. I glanced at the approaching traffic and was ready to touch my horn when she slowwwwly moved forward. She had no regard for the traffic that was behind her. She was in her own little world. arrrrg. Maybe, I should have waited for her to get into the parking lot before I advanced.

My wife went into a store and I remained in the car. Passing in front of me, on the parking lot, was this dear old lady driving a mid-sized car. The car was immaculate and she looked immaculately made up.  She was the type of person who you look at walking to a car and wonder if they are driving. I thought to myself, is she going to make a left tun on that highway? I was impressed by her alertness. She looked right and she looked left. There was a break in the traffic lanes that she was turning into. She looked left and knew that she was ok and right again and then proceeded out into traffic.  It was a lesson on how to merge into traffic.

This is one of those posts that could go for years.

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