Seniors And Memory

As I get older, I’m finding that my recall skills are not as quick as they were a few years ago. Now I have to write notes or use other means to help my memory. I think I have good hearing, however; lately my voice recognition and understanding what people are saying, on the telephone especially, is more difficult.  With certain people I have to cup my hand around the receiver to understand what people are saying.

My wife has a hearing deficiency and she often misunderstands what I am saying. Some of the problem with us seniors and memory is that we do not listen intently to what people are saying. We do not file information correctly.  I  have a tendency to try and do a multitude of things while listening to a conversation. My concentration level is not as it was when I was younger.

For example as i was typing this my wife was speaking to me and I was listening to her and still typing. I could do that years ago but not now.

I am checking out the following website. Those are 9 tips that are covered in detail on the website.

  1. Give your brain a workout
  2. Don’t skip the physical exercise
  3. Get your Zs
  4. Make time for friends
  5. Keep stress in check
  6. Have a laugh
  7. Eat a brain-boosting diet
  8. Identify and treat health problems
  9. Take practical steps to support learning and memory
Tips and Exercises to Sharpen Your Mind and Boost Brainpower 

I have tried all of them with one exception., Eating a brain-boosting diet.  Now what is a brain boosting diet?

One of those mentioned is fish. I love fish but fish gives me gout. Maybe omega 3 tablets would work for me. I have to do some research.

Will keep you posted.


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