Senior Citizens And Travel Helps

My older friend, Ralph, has a saying,  “in another life” he did this or that. Well, in another life, I was a travel consultant and  managed one of the largest travel agencies in  Newfoundland Labrador. It allowed me the opportunity to travel to Europe, The Caribbean, Hawaii and many other places in the world.

Surprisingly, most of my personal customers were seniors and I thoroughly enjoyed working with this group of people. I researched  information for them and I made every attempt to ensure that they had a vacation to remember.

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One of my customers called me to book her a flight to Florida. She wanted to go as soon as possible. This would be difficult as it was extremely busy and the airlines had announced a seat sale a few days earlier. The only way I knew to get a seat was to go to my office at about 6:00 am as this would be about the time that more seats would be made available. It worked.  I spent hours working on the file and was finally able to get her a seat.

This lady called me just as the office opened for business. She was agitated and angry. This was very unusual. She hung up the phone and I called back immediately. Her son answered and told me that she had just passed away. I was shocked. Apparently she was having a stroke when I was speaking to her.

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