Second Guessing Myself

Are you like me and are finding that you are second guessing yourself. There have been a few times, over the past few weeks, that I have been second guessing myself. For many of us it can be frightening. We think we are losing our memory, getting dementia or alzheimers or maybe we have a brain tumor. There are so many thoughts that go through our minds that we become worrisome.

This morning we went to our daughter’s home to take our grand-children to school. She was visably upset. Apparently she was cooking dinner, had gone to the store and when she came back the house was full of smoke. She was 100 percent sure that she had turned off the pot that was on the stove. So much so that she had gone back to check it a second time. What happened? The smoke alarm didn’t go off, although it was working.  Now she is second guessing herself.

I fear and respect fire, smoke and other breathable gases. My fear of fire goes back to my adolescent years. I would always check the stove ( we burnt wood when I was young ) and the piping to make sure that everything was ok before going to bed. This continued into my married life as I checked and re-checked our fire place and the wood stove before retiring for the night..

Gotta go to change a wiper motor..I’ll be back to finish…if I remember

This job took much longer then planned and now I am second guessing myself whether I should have tried to fix it in the first place. The wiper motor went in my 2010 dodge caravan, a few day ago, and I decided to fix it myself. Removing the arms was a major pain as they did not want to release. Finally I was able to get one off and I tried the same persuasion method with the other. White metal breaks easy. I didn’t know that one part of the arm was made from white metal and when I put some pressure to life off the arm, the part that’s fixed to a frame, broke. There goes that added expense that I would have saved if I had gone to a repair shop.

Thankfully, I was able to do the repair at minimal cost as I picked up the motor and assembly from a recycling auto parts store.  I was able to stay within the price range that I had set.

Have you second guessed yourself recently.

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