Searching The Obituaries

A little frustrated on this post as I forgot to publish and lost a few paragraphs that I had written. I was deleting a word and deleted what I had written. A senior’s moment?

For me searching the obituaries of our local funeral homes is right up there with the local and national news and checking the sports scores.  We live in an area where we have many family relations, where both my wife and I attended school and where we both worked. So you can imagine that as we near our seventieth year that many of the people we know are passing into eternity.

This past week alone, there was an older lady whom I had known for over fifty years, a neighbor of ours whose mom passed away and a man who had family attachments to both my wife and I.

A funeral home visit is like a reunion of sorts. You meet many people whom you haven’t seen for years. Last night, my wife met cousins that she hadn’t seen in years and both of us met old school friends and acquaintances.

This reminds me of a story that a deceased brother-in-law and my deceased sister told us. They had driven to his birth town to pay respects to the family of a man that he had known since his youth. My sister had gone outside the funeral home and when she came back in her husband was as white as a ghost. She asked him what was wrong. He pointed to a man, who he understood had passed away. When this person came into the funeral home, my brother-in-law was shaken because he had been told that this man was dead.

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