Laugh At Yourself

Laugh at yourself if you can’t remember what to do. There are times that I should laugh, at myself, but I become too preoccupied or I get interrupted by another thought.

Do you have a friend of friends that you can laugh with. I have a few.

The Submarine

Laughing at nothing..My friend Gord and I were driving down a major highway when I saw a pipe coming out of the ground. It was in a boggy area and there was a fair amount of water around the pipe. The pipe was about 4 inches in diameter. I started to smile and then the smile became a grin and the grin a laugh. Gord looked over and asked ” what are you laughing at?” I said, “I wonder if the government is aware that there’s a submarine in that bog.” He had seen the pipe and both of us started to laugh and we kept adding fuel to the submarine scenario. You had to be there.  We drive by there occasionally and one of us will say..”the sub is still there.”

The Extension pipe

My friend Harold and I were doing a reno on a bathroom for a customer. It was lunch time. We had taken the toilet off and there was only the flange left so that we could install the new toilet. Harold had to pee so he grabbed a piece of two inch pipe to put in the drain so he wouldn’t pee on the new plywood. When he came out, he saw me smiling and asked what I wss smiling at. I said it was the first time I ever saw or heard of a person needing an extension to pee. We had a great laugh.

The Recycables

One of those mornings when I have to be in two places at the same time.  I was up early to put out the garbage and the recycables. The garbage went at seven and I had a few more things to add to the recycables which was usually picked up mid-morning. I was backing out of the driveway when I heard crunch. A senor’s moment! I forgot about the recycables. The bag contained the plastics was crushed. I was trying to be patient as I ran into the house to get another recycling bag. My wife was in the car and I knew she was thinking “glad it wasn’t me driving.”

Wait, who put that broken up glass bottle and the foam plates in the recycling bag? It wasn’t me…

It was then I started to laugh at myself.  This bag would not have been taken because it contained a glass bottle and foam.  My senior’s moment was a blessing in disguise.

The Forgotten Box

Three or four times a year, we’ll put together a goody box for our daughter and family who live in another province, Today we boxed everything and drove down to the post office.  We were almost there when my wife says, “we forgot the package.” It was home on the table. She gets scared when this type of thing happens and usually asks me “am I losing it?” My reply, we are seniors and this type of thing happens to us. We had a laugh.

What’s Bugging You?? True story of what bugged my friend and his solution.

All of us have come across people or situations in life that bug us. The following was from one of my friends.
We were driving to a job site and out of the blue he asked me..”does your wife put down the toilet seat cover?” I wanted to laugh but you have to know my friend so I asked him, what do you mean as I hadn’t noticed whether the cover was up or down when I go to the bathroom in our house.. all I care about is the toilet water is clear.
He goes on to tell me that his wife never puts down the cover and it bugs the life out of him. Apparently, this has become an issue in their house. He said that he has mentioned it to his wife a number of times and she is aware of how much it bothers him.
A few weeks ago, he said I had a brainwave. I decided that speaking to my wife was not working so this is what I did. I wrote the following note and attached it to the underside of the cover ..”honey, I know that the toilet seat cover has caused a lot of disagreements between us but as of today, when I see that the toilet seat cover is left up, it will remind me of how much you love me and when it is down it will remind me of how much I love you.”
I asked him if it worked. Yes, he said, the cover is down more then it is up.
My wife and his wife are friends. I’ve noticed lately that my wife is leaving the seat cover up.
I wonder!

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