One Of The Baby Boomers Generation

One Of The Baby Boomers Generation

We are the baby boomers generation. I was born in 1948 so I fall into the bracket that was born between 1946 and 1964.

This is a photo taken when I was 58 yers old.

I have a photo that was taken when I was around two years old. The clothing that I was wearing was made from one of my older sisters winter coats. Those were the days of hand me down clothes, boots and shirts where the collars were turned inside out. Pillow cases were made from flower sacks, socks and sweaters were made from wool, from our sheep.

We were the generation where the greater percentage of us went to church. Good was good and evil was evil. To tell a lie was to have your mouth washed out with soap or a switch to your behind.

I grew up in a small community in Newfoundland, where you made your own fun. As I look back I am amazed at the freedom that was given to us by our parents. We went swimming alone, when we were around six and we would, as a group, walk back in the country, trouting in ponds and brooks. There were no telephones or electricity so someone would go upon the closest hill and shout out your name.

Some of my fondest memories are, rowing a dory around our little inlet, catching trout, in the brook that ran just a few lfeet from our house. paddling on ice clampers and jumping bergies in the inlet. Yes, there were many wet feet at the end of the day. Tin cans became horse shoes. We would crush a canĀ (milk cans were best) between our heels so that they would wrap around our foot. Sometimes we would jump too hard and we would pinch our ankles.

Walking on our own hand made stilts was a great past time. We would hold stilt races and as well, we would see who coud walk across a flowing brook. Soccer was one of the team games that we played and often we would get to play with the adults. There was also tiddly and our own version of baseball.

I didn’t know at the time that we were the baby boomers. Looking back, when we started to receive the family allowance families seemed to be having more children.

Yes I’m a senior baby boomer.




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