Lightbulb Moments

Many times the bulb is half lit.
As I’m sitting here typing, I’m waiting for that moment of writing inspiration to put together a promotional article on an online business.  The first thing I had to do was to gather as much information as I could and understood about the business. I don’t want to use plagiarism: that’s using someone else’s articles. Note: I’m not overly concerned with correct sentence structure or punctuation.

Lightbulb moment where are you?

As I look back over my career in travel and marketing, I can recall specific moments of inspiration. Also, I have taught bible studies and have been amazed at the moments of realization and insight that came to me.

Now that I’m a senior they are called senior lightbulb moments. I sincerely appreciate them. They usually come after I have been thinking about something for awhile and draw a blank. Then it magically happens, I remember that name, the solution to a problem, the correct decision to make and so on.

Then there are the times that I forget, draw a blank or just can’t put something together. I’ve learned not to get angry, other then to say grrrr or laugh and say I’m having another of those senior moments.

I have to keep, busy, reading, socializing with friends, exercising, eating healthy and doing new things. Life for me did not finish when I became a senior. My best years are ahead of me.

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Make someone smile today, better yet make them laugh.


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