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Yesterday was not a good day! Both my wife and I forgot a few things that we wee supposed to do. I thought back to one of my jobs when I managed up to a dozen employees. My mind was like a well oiled machine.

I could do about a dozen things at one time. I could remember conversations and make snap decisions. I thought it was natural. At night, I would look back over my day and make mental notes of what I had to accomplish the following day. I very seldom forgot anything.

But it has changed. I have to make notes now, however; I still find myself forgetting to do this and the result is,  I forget.

This morning I have been thinking about how I can jog my memory.

Here are a few of my ideas or memory joggers. Note: I was surprised when I typed memory joggers into a keyword tool called Jaaxy that there were searches for such terms as  memory joggers puzzles,  memory jogger crossword, memory jogger list with many variations of this search term.

There must be millions of people just like you and I.

Getting back to my ideas.

You know those non-smoking signs or decals you see that are similar to a stop sign, well why not do one to jog your memory. My first thought was to see if they are available. So I query my good friend google. I couldn’t find anything suitable.

This is similar to what I may design if I can’t find anything. I would put a ? mark in the center, with text wrapped around, “Forgetting Something”? Hopefully, you get the idea. This would be a sticker or magnet that would be placed on all exit doors, our refrigerator and on the dash of our car. Maybe, if my wife allowed, we could place them on our mirrors.



You wouldn’t believe what just happened..I forgot I don’t have alzheimers! It’s old age creeping in and I have to be pro-active.

Here’s what happened. We had soup left over and I was going to bring it to our son’s house where my wife is looking after a sick grand-child. I put it in a bottle and left it on a table in the front entrance so I wouldn’t forget. Well lo and behold, I drove to my son’s house and the soup was still where I left it.

I told my wife and her reply.”welcome to my world.”

Comments welcome.





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