I’m Suffering From Gout

I’m Suffering From Gout

Since my first attack I’m amazed at the number of us who are suffering from gout. How well I remember my first attack. I was in my early forties and I woke this morning with an agonizing pain in my big toe. It was red and it was swollen. My first thought was that I had broken the toe but I couldn’t recall any instance where I had struck it.

My visit to the doctor’s office confirmed that I had gout. I told the doctor that I thought the disease was only found in the jigg’s comic strip. It wasn’t a real illness. He gave me a perscription of what some people call the smurf pill because of it’s colour.

I have had a few attacks over the past number of years, however; for some reason,  I went two years without an attack. There were a number of foods that I avoided and those increased as I read about the various foods that can cause gout and spoke with other sufferers.

Recently, I had another flare up and cannot pin point what I ate. This is a photo of my big toe after three days of taking a pill. It’s gone down a little and the pain is not as bad.

A search on the internet will advise you what foods to avoid and the foods that you should eat as well as herbal and prescription remedies. It seems like there are more foods and causes being added daily.

Thus far, I have cut back on my intake of sugar and fructose beverages. I enjoy a glass of ginger all, however; this is one of the beverages that causes flare ups. Red meats, cooked  on the barbecue have been eliminated from my diet as well as barbecue sauce on other meat products.

Today I was happy to discover the benefits of cabbage. This is one of my favorite vegetables. Apparently red cabbage contains more gout fighting properties then green cabbage. I like green cabbage. I’m not a nutritionist but according to my research, the chemicals found in cabbage help  reduce uric acid levels. I have to check to see if cooked cabbage is as effective as raw cabbage.  It’s rabbit food for now.

My must confess that there are gout causing foods that I enjoy and every now and then I fall of the gout wagon.

It has taken seven days, on medication, for my toe to heal.

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