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I forgot about it or I forgot what I was going to do. Sound familiar! Well, a few minutes ago, I left my computer to go to the kitchen to turn on the kettle.  There was some info on the kitchen table that I was going to use in an article. Would you believe that I forgot what I was going to do. I sat at the computer for a minute but couldn’t recall so I returned to the kitchen and then I remembered. This time I brought the info back with me.

I smiled at my forgetfulness.

It happens to both old and young, however; for me personally, it has become more frequent. When I was young, I could retain a lot of information and recall, in detail, events that happened over a period of time. Now I need to take notes and concentrate on what I have to remember.  Also, I make notes on the notebook on my cell phone.

Below are some tips for remembering.

Remembering names

I did a Dale Carnegie course many years ago. Below are some of the things that I learned but did not always apply.

  1. Make a conscious decision to remember a person’s name
  2. Pay attention and make sure you hear the name clearly. Repeat it a few times. Look at the person to get a visual. Write the name down
  3. Create an image of the person’s name. I had a friend whose name was Rueben. My sister-in-laws name is Ruby so when I try and remember his name I think of Ruby.

Links for tips on remembering

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You can have your best senior moments by improving your memory.

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