Did I Get Scammed

I’m normally wary of people who call with offers that are unbelievable or from a person saying that they are from Revenue Canada. I hate scammers. They are fraudsters and prey on peoples emotions. The question I have is did I get scammed from a person saying they were from Revenue Canada.

I knew that there was a possibility that I would owe monies on a tax return. There was a question whether or not I would have to pay taxes on a portion of earned income. My wife and I were able to split our taxes, however; there was a grey area. I knew that Revenue Canada would contact me. I did receive a phone call from a person with a foreign accent. He had all the details of my tax forms. The amounts were correct and the amount I figured that I would have to repay was correct as well.

I was familiar with many of the frauds that were on the go and in the back of my mind I had doubts about the authenticity of the call. There was no request for a credit card payment. I asked him to send me a form requesting payment. He said he would and I received the form, in the mail, about a week later. The form was from Revenue Canada and I sent a postal money order, made out to The Receiver General Of Canada, for the amount.

I checked the return address to confirm that it was legit. Did I get scammed? That was three years ago and every now and then, I wonder, was I the victim of a scam? I feel that I did everything to ensure that the call was legit and the payment was made in a way that should have prevented anybody from  cashing the money order.

I did receive confirmation of payment from Revenue Canada but your mind can play tricks on your thought process.

For me this would be a best seniors moment.


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