I have had and still have “my senior moments.” Most times, I just laugh them off and get on with what I was doing, that is if I can remember what I was doing.

My name is Steve Wiscombe and I am a senior. According to the dictionary, I became a senior when I turns 65. This is an interesting article about “When Does A Person become A senior?”

When did I become a senior? Certain senior discounts began at 55, however; I didn’t consider myself a senior at that age. I didn’t feel like one although I am not sure how a senior should feel. I’ve seen people in their eighties and they could pass for under 65. So I guess it has to do with age.

My old age pension began at 65 so I considered myself a senior when I received my first check.

This is where I build my websites, buy domains and get the help I need.  They are patient with us seniors.