My Senior Moments

My senior moments show up at the most unexpected times. I usually tell my friends that it happens between 3:00 pm and 4:30 pm. It makes for a laugh but many have said that is about the time they notice their moments of errors and forgetfulness.

Physically, I don’t feel like a senior but my looks tell me otherwise. We were talking to one of our friend couples and the women said, I can’t believe I’m gonna be 71 my birthday.” With my vision, she doesn’t look it. Maybe I have cataracts. Better get that checked out as the rage now, among my friends, is cataract removal.

Seriously, I’m thankful that I have lived into my senior years. My health has been good and I can still play soccer with my grandson. Lately, he’s been beating me on one on one. I can’t keep up with him as he is 11 years old and in good shape. We play a game called the last touch or got you last, however; he usually gets the last touch. I sent this photo to him after he left our house and he got me last. He got a chuckle out of it. I told him that when I die I will wear a button with last touch written on it and pinned to my suit. He lughed.

No disrespect meant

I have had and still have “my senior moments.” Most times, I just laugh them off and get on with what I was doing, that is if I can remember what I was doing.

I was so into my computer this morning that I forgot to call my wife to get up for her part-time job.  She asked, “why didn’t you call me earlier?” My reply, “I forgot.” I should have lied but being a Christian, I can’t do that!

I was stopped at a light, waiting for it to change to green….it was already green.

A friend of ours went shopping with her friend. She only realized when she was trying on a new pair of slacks that she was wemoryaring her husband’s pants.

Sprinkled throughout the site, you will find many of mine and other people’s senior moments. Enjoy! Please feel free to comment and if you remember send us your best senior moment. Gotta find something to laugh at.

Also, there will be some serious moments where we will be posting or writing articles on many topics that affect us as seniors. Topics such as dementia, alzheimer’s,  memory related issues, funeral and will planning, etc.